A Turnkey Solution For Agency Management

We've Simply Automated And Streamlined Your Employee Benefits Agency Management System

…and brought it into the 21st century while we were at it.

No small feat, but we did it. Your hard work and valuable time can now be devoted almost entirely to doing what you do best—meeting and exceeding the expectations and needs of your customers.
Take a breath. We’ve got you covered.

Group Insurance Just Got A Whole Lot Easier

Never mind working with data scattered across multiple systems. Everything you need from first contact to Census to Quote to Sold is bundled seamlessly into one awesome app and available at your fingertips.

Experience shortened sales cycles, record-setting volume and productivity through the roof. Spend less time pushing paper and more time serving your customers & growing your business.
Data security and system stability are paramount in every aspect of your business. We’re powered by Salesforce, the industry leading CRM solution, so you never have to give it a second thought.
Stand out from the crowd with professionally designed, fully customizable, branded, customer-facing documents, all generated in a few clicks without any copying and pasting required.
Stop losing RFPs because you can’t meet the requirements. An employer self service portal is sure to help tip the scales in your favor, not to mention time spent resending documents and answering the same questions time and again.
Achieve operational excellence with a drastic reduction in error-prone, manual data entry and redundancy. Mass import Carrier commission statements with a click. All data goes into the system once and can be accessed globally.

The Future Is Now. It’s Your Day—Seize It.

Pushing paper is so last century. An Agency Management Solution, CRM tool and quoting engine seamlessly integrated to transform your workflow and ensure you have less stress and more success.