Prove Your Value With Annual Stewardship Reports

Prove Your Value With Annual Stewardship Reports

What Have You Done For Me Lately?

What have you done for me lately? This is a question every benefits broker should be prepared to answer. While open enrollment is certainly a peak activity period for your clients, you know that your work doesn’t end there. Are your clients aware of the value you’re providing throughout the entire year?

In today’s digital landscape, brokers are under increased pressure to provide clients with instant access to information and services, and more agencies are becoming savvy to this trend. The right digital solutions can improve client engagement and deliver value, while simultaneously boosting operational efficiencies. Communicating your services to clients through effective reporting is no exception.

Proving your ongoing value makes a big difference when it comes to client retention and satisfaction. Larger agencies provide clients with Annual Stewardship Reports that track every touchpoint on an account, from service requests, to client communication, to billing and claims activities.

The problem with Annual Stewardship Reports is that building them can be an incredibly time-consuming process. Digging through old emails and spreadsheets to manually document your work can take days, if not longer. We hear from brokers that, on average, it takes about two weeks to pull together an Annual Stewardship Report by hand.

What if we could automate that process?

Create an Annual Stewardship Report in Minutes

Benelinx enables you to log every client interaction in real time within the platform. Moreover, all information is filed under its own unique record, so you can quickly access every event logged.

You can even see activities associated within a specific claim—email integrations with Outlook and Gmail allow you to document communications for each service inquiry. 

Using Dashboards, you can quickly visualize service requests in easy-to-understand graphics, so all your hard work is visible at a glance.

  • Track service requests by Account, categorized by record type.
    • Billing
    • Claims
    • COBRA
    • Enrollment
    • General Inquiry Request
    • Termination
  • Access the total number of resolved/closed service requests.
  • View open services by account.
  • View YTD service requests in the pipeline
Prove Your Value With Annual Stewardship Reports
To access even more detailed data, we track where services are in the pipeline i.e. open, escalated internally, escalated to carrier, resolved, closed and categorize them by record type (address change, billing inquiry, claims notification, etc.)
Prove Your Value With Annual Stewardship Reports
From here, you can access individual actions categorized by record type, status, priority, and action number. Click on the hyperlinked action number to see the unique record.

With this level of data at your fingertips, generating an Annual Stewardship Report is simple. You can now easily track account activity and leverage that data in minutes.

So ask yourself this: Does my current Agency Management System offer the tools I need to prove my value to clients? If not, then contact us today to learn about a solution that does meet your needs. 

Ready to learn more?

Schedule your free demo. We’ll be in touch shortly. We also offer a 30-day free trial, so you can experience firsthand how Benelinx will transform your business. Unlike other Agency Management Systems, our trial includes full access to everything Benelinx has to offer, so you can know for certain if our platform is right for you.

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